For most of us, there is no such thing as career for life. We continue to do a variety of jobs with different companies and across various industries throughout our professional lifecycle.Without a doubt qualification and experience is required to apply for a job, but today, most of the organizations desire skills that go beyond qualifications and experience.Every year more than 5, 00,000 students graduate in India but majority of them remain unemployable or take up jobs that is a mismatch with their qualification. Is it due to unemployment? The answer is NO. To find out the reason continue reading.

With the rise in competition among applicants to get the job of their choice, every candidate wants to edge out its competitor to emerge as the winner!Employers often require evidence of the skills that should be expressed during interview and during work.

Jobs come and go but the employability skills is the base on which the next job or career can be built.As the name suggest skills considered essential to become and remain employable. These are a set of skills that one must possess to remain effective during employment.

Read below the essential employability skills those recruiters seek in a job candidate.

1.Communication Skills

In every job posting, employers look for candidates with excellent communication skills. A strong communicator will be able to convey his thought, idea, message, suggestion, and opinion in an effective and professional way. Not to forget that active listening in an essential component of an effective communication skill.

2.Team Work

An organization is made up of people who are its most important resource. A candidate who is willing to join and become a part of the organizational team must be able to get along with others, sharing the workload with peers to accomplish a goal.

3.Interpersonal Skills

Skills we use in our day to day life, personal or professional, when we communicate or interact with people. Good interpersonal skills can make a real difference in making friends or getting chosen in an interview. Organizations benefit from people who are good at interpersonal skills as they are able to build rapport with their colleagues, clients, customers or vendors.

4.Emotional Intelligence

It is a mix of mental abilities and skill that helps one to manage self and working with others. A person high on emotional intelligence will overcome difficult situations, build better relations, keep emotions under control, express himself clearly at the right time, and avoid biased thinking.

5.Computer Literacy

The ability to work on a computer is an essential skill desired by nearly every organization. Irrespective of the background, a candidate must possess a working knowledge of MS Office to be able to perform his day to day task effectively.

6.Problem Solving Skills

At workplace or personal life, encountering a problem is common. Having a strong problem solving skills using reasoning, logic, creativity and experience can be a boost to one’s career.

There are other skills also such as leadership, willingness to learn, planning and organizing, presentation etc that are highly valued by employers.All these skills can be developed.None of these are beyond anyone’s reach. Employability skills do not require a formal qualification. A formal degree in academics is necessary but not sufficient to be able to get the right job and remain employed.

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