Few years back Indian Government launched “Skill India  Program for the youth of the country, which is a big step in growth of country and the youth itself. But, if we give thought on it that why we need such Skill Programs and Courses, one will get that our knowledge is just limited to exams & books but one doesn’t have any skilled knowledge nor the practically of the subject. This condition is of every stream be it Graduation, Post-Graduation or even we can say in M

asters. Talent got limited to the classrooms whereas workplace is still in search of cream people.

In our Country around 58% Of Graduates & 62% Of Post Graduates are unemployed who cited non-availability of job-matching with Skills as well as Experience. As per the National Skill Development Mission Document, as much as 97% Of Workforce in India is not undergone Formal Skill Training. According to India Skills Report 96% were found Unemployable out of 100,000 Candidates.


On the contradiction all the leading MNCs of our country lack Professional employees. Despite being the pool of Engineer, Doctors etc. For the world, major proportion of extraordinary students get Brain-Drained by foreign companies and they move abroad creating more gap of unemployment here. Despite employment opportunities here students are not fully qualified. They have degrees but they lack practical knowledge.

All that we lack in our Education system is Skill based training. Our University Courses are still running on the old road taken years back and even the teachers don’t show much zeal in making the students more sporty towards practical training .In Countries like United States, Japan, Ireland the studies involved more assessments as well as Internships. Internships are the initial block which helps one making the monument of one’s Profession. We need to take that one big initiative and make our students more competitive and interested towards what they study, what they learn, what they can achieve.

We have to develop a link in our education system which meets the needs of the Industry. The aspiring candidates must visit there field or going to the work places more frequently and one must learn what & how work is done. New skill programs, co-curriculum should be introduced by the education bodies. Academicians should be closely working with industry experts to develop their course curriculum. Various education firms should be collaborating with institutes for providing internships & skill development programs to peeps. Classes should be more focused for more outdoor sessions.

As per new norms of AICTE every 4 year of technical education one must have 4 different internships or skilled program course which enhances one’s professionalism which will help them to easily adopt the industry atmosphere, which in future can result in filling the gap of unemployment ratio. Better the skills, Better the work, better the pay.

In words of actor WILL SMITH:-“No matter how talented you are, your talent will fail you, if you’re not skilled. Skill is achieved through practice. Work hard and dedicate yourself to being better every single day.



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